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Efficiency for a new normal 

Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly demanding faster, safer, more convenient, and more traceable logistics. Moreover, the need for specialized logistics to support new and evolving industries higher value solutions is emerging.  Titan focuses primarily on logistics investments that underpin portfolio strategies in Food and Healthcare, where add-on logistics can enhance an asset.

Healthcare Logistics Drivers:

  • Growing demand for cold chain to support temperature sensitive bio-materials 

  • Increased utilization of telemedicine and delivery pharmaceuticals 


Food Logistics Drivers:​​

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 16.32.20.png
Service Van

Cold Chain

  • 3PL cold distribution and warehousing

  • Fresh foods distributors

  • Bio-pharm supply chain

  • Online pharmacy enablers

Computer Robot

AI & Automation

  • Big data analytics and AI

  • Edge computing

  • Automated warehousing

  • Automated inventory management

  • Pharmaceutical Automation

  • Hospital robotics, and AI diagnostics

Monitoring Room


  • Cloud systems for tagging, notification, location tracking

  • Blockchain

  • Smart packaging

  • Inventory systems 

  • Cyber Security

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